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The learning sector salary and work survey

The learning sector salary and work survey

Each year, we undertake our annual work and salary survey of the training and e-learning industries.

The primary aim of our survey is to gather and publish information related to key aspects of employment within the training, e-learning and learning and development sectors. 

We ask a wide range of questions, to help uncover details of salaries, benefits, job satisfaction and work/life balance within the training/learning and development sectors. This also includes people working within learning and technology departments of other organisations.

The results of each survey can be downloaded free.

The questions cover:

  • whether people work in the public or private sector.
  • in which industry people work.
  • in which role do people work.
  • whether people are full-time, contract/freelance, part-time or temporary.
  • where people are based geographically.
  • how much people earn - the salary of employed people and daily rate of contractors.
  • whether people's salaries have increased in the last twelve months.
  • whether people have a personal target to enable them to increase their earnings.
  • which benefits people receive.
  • whether people work longer hours than they are paid for.
  • how well people feel their salary compares with the industry average.
  • how well people feel their benefits package compares with the industry average.
  • how happy people are in their current role.
  • how challenged people are in their current role.
  • whether people are considering changing jobs in the next twelve months.
  • why people want to change jobs.
  • whether people are happy in their current industry.
  • to which industry they would like their next career move to be.
  • to which role people would like their next career move to be.
  • the effects of the current economic climate

We've been running the survey since 2008 and believe it to be the most comprehensive survey of its type within the training, learning and e-learning sectors.


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