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Almost eighty percent of learning professionals want to move jobs

According to Blue Eskimo’s 2015 work and salary survey, 78.22% of people working in the learning sector are looking to move to a new job in 2016.

Blue Eskimo’s work and salary survey has been undertaken every year for eight years. It is widely regarded as the key benchmark study for work, pay and benefits in the UK’s learning sector. The results are published each year, free, online.

This year’s survey saw a significant jump in the number of those looking to move jobs in the next year – from 67.36% up to 78.22% (which was itself an increase on the previous year, from 63.06%). 

Nick Bate, director at Blue Eskimo, says that although this superficially looks like an ‘unhappy industry’ nothing could be further from the truth.

“When asked if they were happy in their current role,” says Bate, “most people said yes. In fact, around three quarters of people said they like, or love, their job.”

The reality, believes Blue Eskimo, is more positive. During the economic downturn, pay remained tight for many – and of course learning professionals would be more inclined to stay put during uncertain times. “What I think we’re actually seeing,” says Bate, “is that people have the confidence to look around – which means a much greater confidence, not only in the economy, but also in the learning sector itself.”

Bate believes that this is backed up by some of the survey’s other findings. “For example,” says Bate, “contracting rates for many have increased for the first time in several years. Many people are working fewer unpaid hours than they have over the last few years. Of those who had to take a pay drop to get a new job, the pay drop wasn’t as much. And what had been a gradual erosion of benefits was reversed this year.” 

The survey shows that a strong part of the motivation to move is money – around half of learning professionals didn’t see a pay rise last year – but most said they are looking for a more interesting role.

Blue Eskimo believes that this points to a resurgent industry. “During the downturn,” concludes Bate, “the learning sector did more than hold its own. Now, we’re part way through the second year of economic stability and there are clear signs of the industry’s momentum gathering a new head of steam. A natural part of that process is actually for people to progress their careers – which is also good, bringing new blood, energy and ideas with them.”

The full results of the survey can be downloaded free, from Blue Eskimo’s website.

The research was undertaken and compiled independently, by Labrow Marketing, for Blue Eskimo. 694 people responded, with 92% coming from across the UK – around three quarters from the private sector.


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